Check out this week’s Roadie, Anne and the amazing marketing (within arts and tourism)  internship she has been a part of!

Where are you from: Australia

How long will you be in Buenos Aires: Two months in total (I wish it was longer!)

Where do you intern in Buenos Aires (what does the organization do): I am an intern for a company that runs tours and workshops for those interested in photography. Many tourists choose this company because they have tours around different parts of Buenos Aires. It is a great way to see various parts of the city such as San Telmo, Palermo and La Boca.

Describe a typical day in your internship: It varied a lot and I had a huge degree of independence. My role as an intern was in media and marketing. For the most part, I was active in blogging and social media. I would research new places around Buenos Aires or write about various aspects of photography. Other days, I was more involved with marketing.

What makes Buenos Aires a special place to intern: Buenos Aires is an incredible city for anyone interested in beauty, architecture, history, politics, art, music, performance, and the night life. It is special a place to do an internship, but also an incredible place just to live.

The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: I went to an exhibition called “Stones 50.” It was dedicated to the work of a photographer called Michael Cooper who had VIP access to The Rolling Stones. Through my internship, I wrote a piece on this exhibition and had it published on the company’s blog. I love writing, so this was very exciting.

The greatest challenge you face as an intern: As an intern for a photography company, I was of course expected to write about photography. But I am no photographer. Through my internship, I have had to conduct research about more technical aspects of the photography process. This is rewarding but also challenging.

The most valuable thing you’ve learned in Buenos Aires: From this adventure, I have learned the importance of learning a second language. In Australia, we are so far away from everything, it can be easy to become negligent in this area. A huge challenge for me was not knowing Spanish. I knew nothing when my plane landed in Buenos Aires. Since then, I have learned a little bit. But mostly, I have become fully conscious of the importance and centrality of language to culture.

Your biggest accomplishment since arriving in Buenos Aires: This was my first trip overseas. Upon arrival I was very overwhelmed by the experience. But slowly, I have fallen in love with this city. My biggest accomplishment is being able to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

One fun fact about Buenos Aires: Fuerza Bruta! This is a wonderful performance now playing in Recoleta that everyone would love. You simply must see this show. It is beautiful but also FUN.

Advice to future RoadiesBe social. Come to every social event that Road organizes, if you can. This will prevent you from feeling isolated. Social events are an easy way to make friends and are held every week at Road. You will have a wonderful time, see new things and meet interesting people from all over the world.

Be vocal. If you are having problems with anything, speak up. There are lots of things that are hugely challenging when entering a new country and problems arise. If you have difficulties with living arrangements, travel plans, language problems, or anything else, make sure you seek help. Don’t be a mouse. Explain the severity of the problem and talk to lots of people about it, not just one. Seek advice and don’t blame yourself if you feel overwhelmed or lonely.

Why choose Road2Argentina: This was the truly the best experience. I could not have done it without the Road2Argentina program. It is all run by young people, so they are fully conscious of what we are seeking from our travel experiences. There is much to offer here, and it provides an excuse to live in Buenos Aires, after all. The internship program was helpful because Road has many business contacts with both local and international companies.


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