Where do you intern in Buenos Aires: I intern at a public hospital in the center of Buenos Aires.
Describe a typical day in your internship: I shadow doctors in different hospital wards.
What makes Buenos Aires a special place: It is a very cultured city with tons of things to do in all hours of the day and night.
The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: Gave shots for allergy patients.
The greatest challenge you face as an intern: Waking up at 6:45 Monday-Friday.
The most valuable thing you’re learning through your internship: I am getting an inside scoop to the life of doctors here, and how the free healthcare system works in Argentina.
What skills you have developed: I’ve improved my Spanish a lot, as well as seen various fields of medicine in a hospital that typically serves lower income immigrants and citizens.
One fun fact about Buenos Aires: The majority of the “Argentine” population is from Italy. Hence why there’s such good pizza, pasta, gelato, and coffee.
Advice to future Road2Argentina interns: Go everywhere! The first week will seem to go very slowly, but afterwards time flies, so make sure you take all opportunities possible to see the city and all of Argentina.


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