[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]Max is originally from Charleston (South Carolina), USA, and is with us for 8 weeks participating in a business conculting internship and living in a homestay here in Buenos Aires! Read about his rewarding and unforgettable experience with Road2Argentina!


Roadie Max while powder hunting in Bariloche

Where do you intern in Buenos Aires (what does the organization do): My business consulting company provides international legal services for both the public and private sector and operates all across the globe.

Describe a typical day in your business consulting internship: A typical day for me begins with me entering the office, greeting all of my co-workers, and joining them at our communal work table where I work on various projects or daily assignments such as a research project that lasts more than a week, or translating an assortment of legal and business documents.

Your biggest accomplishment at your internship so far: My biggest accomplishment as an intern is help co-pioneer the firms social media outlets and launch several very successful articles about Argentinian politics and economics from our companies blog website.

The greatest challenge you’ve faced in Argentina: ..is dealing with the cold, as I am from South Carolina and go to school in Miami, nothing could prepare me for the frigid conditions of the howling tundra that is Alem Bouleard in winter.

The most valuable thing you have learned in Buenos Aires: ..is that you need to plan your meals ahead of time, I’ll never be used to waiting to eat with friends at dinners no earlier than 8:30.

Your favorite memory of your time in Argentina: When I spontaneously booked a flight to Bariloche last week and arrived right on time for the first snow of this season. Skiing on some fresh powder in July is awesome.

Max (right) became a wine lover in Argentina

Max (right) became a wine lover in Argentina

Your best memory at your housing: ..is hanging out with the 1 year old son of my landlady, Franco.

Your goal before leaving: To raise my spanish speaking ability to the highest level possible.

One fun fact about Buenos Aires (and you): It took me a trip down to Argentina to learn to love wine. Mmmh, Malbec!

Advice to future Roadies: Do as much as possible, the country is amazing and you need to experience as much as possible..

Why choose Road2Argentina: Because there is no greater place to experience South America than Buenos Aires. One of the best cities on Earth.

To read one of Max successful articles for his firm, click here.

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