Where do you intern: I am working as an intern at a company that seeks to help Argentine companies export their products.
What’s a typical day in your internship: We perform research on upcoming cultural and business events in the area and also in other South American countries. Most of the time is spent researching information, presenting the data and creating documents to increase awareness on the events.
What makes Buenos Aires special: The city is very lively and truly never sleeps. People can be seen on the streets at any hour of the day or night. Buenos Aires is rich with culture and filled with art. Unique graffiti can be found anywhere in the city and is truly beautiful.
The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: Our company hosted a breakfast for local Argentine companies. At the breakfast, the interns greeted the attendees and later we listened to the different companies present their ideas on exporting. It was fascinating to hear so many different viewpoints on business.
Your greatest challenge as an intern: The greatest challenge I have faced so far as an intern has been the language barrier. Although my Spanish is improving, Argentines speak rapidly and have an accent that I am not used to.
The most valuable thing you’ve learned: Be accepting of all different cultures. Buenos Aires has a very diverse population with many different beliefs.
Your biggest accomplishment since arriving: My biggest accomplishment since arriving is mastering the public transportation system! I come from a small suburb outside of Chicago and have never lived in the city. I have never had to take a bus before in my life. Therefore, just being able to orientate myself in this large city is an accomplishment for me.
Fun fact about Buenos Aires: The pizza is to DIE for!
Advice to future Roadies: Bring more casual clothes than dressy clothes! I brought way too many professional clothes instead of casual clothes. The Argentine work environment is much more laid back. I wish I had known that before I went shopping for a whole new wardrobe!
Why choose Road2Argentina: The program has been very beneficial because they found me an apartment to stay at with a wonderful host dad.
For more information on how to get an internship in Buenos Aires, fill out an application or contact us at info@road2argentina.com!