Interview Scheduling

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Schedule your Interview with us Below

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Thanks for submitting an inquiry about our programs. We’d love to speak with you in more detail to get to know your background and goals and go over how our program and the application process work, as well as what internship, volunteering, and academic opportunities we offer.

Please fill out the form below and schedule a time to speak with me via Skype. Again, now that you’ve inquired and learned a bit more about our programs, this is the next step in the application process. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more and get answers to any questions you may have before you commit to becoming a Roadie.

Please note that all of the times listed below correspond to the local time for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Please consider the time difference between Buenos Aires and your location when scheduling your interview. You can view the current local time in Buenos Aires here.

Hasta pronto,


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