When it came to choosing an internship program to complete my Foreign language and International Trade major from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, I had a very hard time finding the right internship. However, while searching online I came upon the Road2Argentina internship website. At first I was a little skeptical about doing an internship in Argentina but the more I considered the website the more I wanted to learn about it. The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that they offer 24/7 support which is very important to me.

Hence, after much consideration, I contacted Road2Argentina and later made the decision to become a “Roadie” (road2argentina student) for the summer of 2017. The support from my program coordinator Will started right from the moment I opted for the internship in Argentina. First, we had a conversation over Skype and he explained to me how the program works and within a short time he set me up with an internship. One thing that intimated me at first was the price but they helped me set up a fundraiser page for my program fee and talked to me about some scholarship opportunities which helped me a lot when it came to paying for the program.

Blogging Roadie Dorothee

Worth Every Penny

I would be the first to tell you that it was worth every penny, I have 24/7 support, I was provided transportation from the airport, and all the weekly events are pre-paid so I did not have to spend any extra money. Thus, as a soon to be former Roadie, I tell you that the website does not lie and choosing Road2Argentina will be the best decision you will ever make. Will and Simon whom are the program coordinators are very nice and easy going and they are always there to help no matter the problem.

Also, I could not have found my marketing internship with a music productions company without the help of my program coordinators and find my way around Buenos Aires. I am glad that I got to be part of this great program and I enjoyed getting to know the other Roadies. If you are a college student looking for volunteer work or an internship in Argentina, I would highly encourage you to consider Road2Argentina.


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