One of Argentina’s most famous singers passed away on Monday leaving behind an impressive legacy that helped form the popular music consciousness of a nation.

Roberto Sánchez (known as Sandro) was considered by some to be the “Argentine Elvis” due to his early success as a rock’n roller.  During the course of his singing career, Sandro maintained his popularity by trying out various musical styles.  Even though he shuffled around a bit in terms of music, his fan base always supported him.

Sandro’s popularity reached much farther than just Argentina.  He had legions of fans all across the Americas and was the first Latin American to sing in Madison Square Garden.  After the news of his death, roughly 50,000 people converged on central Buenos Aires to mourn his passing.  While Sandro was undoubtedly more popular with older generations, his voice and swagger are impressive no matter which way you look at it.

These clips are two of his most famous songs and it’s interesting to hear the influence of Elvis. Enjoy!