Junín de los Andes – This past weekend marked the rebirth of the CEI San Ignacio, a high school in northern Patagonia that tragically burned to the ground over a year ago. It was an emotional weekend for the hundreds of students, parents, supporters, and well-wishers who gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion. The fire devastated the main building though thankfully no one was hurt. Despite the effort of the staff and firefighters of Junín, the building with all its facilities, including classrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and the lodging for students living on site were completely destroyed. It was a devastating blow to everyone involved with the school, especially the students.

The school, CEI (Centro de Educación Integral) San Ignacio, is part of Cruzada Patagonica whose mission is to fight poverty through education and rural development. Patagonia is a beautiful region of the Argentina, but its people suffer from a lack of opportunities and alcoholism and suicide are serious problems. The school is a source of hope for many because focuses on preparing students for the particular challenges of the region and attracts students from up to 1,000 km away. The school is absolutely free and has about 200 students at any given time.

In an incredible show of solidarity, businesses, individuals, and even the military worked together to begin reconstruction of the school and move forward in a positive way. The rebuilding process included the construction of two buildings instead of one with an eye towards the future.

Road2Argentina is proud to have a partnership with Cruzada Patagonica in which we send volunteers to the CEI San Ignacio. It is truly a special and worthy cause and we wish Cruzada Patagonica the very best of luck in the future!