Traveling as a gap year, part of your year abroad, or in general, is a great experience. But there are so many different options and paths to take, how do you know which one is the best for you?

We’ve made up the perfect quiz so you can start getting a good idea of what experience abroad you when you come to Argentina!

R2A BA 7

Choose the answer that most relates to you:

Which of these most make you want to travel:

  • Making friends A
  • Seeing mind opening aspects of people who have very different lives C
  • Learning, studying and getting college/uni credits B
  • Building experiences for the future D
  • Learning language skills E

How important is it for you to improve your Spanish during your stay?

  • I want a program that helps me improve my Spanish – B
  • Very important C
  • It’s the main reason for my trip. Vamos! E
  • Important, but the experience is what counts. D
  • Not so important. I want to grow as a person and take back new experiences A

How does the idea of going to an underdeveloped area make you feel?

  • I prefer to be in the city-centre D
  • I don’t mind, it could be eye-opening. A
  • I’m up for it. I think it could be a very humbling experience C
  • Not what I had in mind. B

Which do you feel would benefit your Curriculum better?

  • A teaching English certificate A
  • Study credits in another country & language B
  • Experience in how companies work in another culture D
  • Giving something back to society C
  • Being bilingual or speaking another language well E

What time span are you thinking of traveling?

  • Around 1 month A
  • Two months or more E
  • I’m not really sure yet. Perhaps a few weeks C
  • I’m thinking of a whole semester B
  • I’m thinking a long time. I could even end up staying. D

Mostly D – Internships

At Road2Argentina we have partnered with more than 50 local and international companies and organizations in order to offer top quality internships to university students and recent graduates looking to globalize their education and gain valuable professional experience abroad in an international setting. Pursuing an internship in Buenos Aires is an ideal opportunity to practice and perfect your Spanish through experiential learning and immersion. Individuals interested in a bilingual or English-speaking internship setting are also welcome to apply. Internships can be combined with weekly Spanish classes for a more intensive language immersion experience. Academic credit and professional references are available upon successful completion of the program.


Mostly C – Volunteering

Is your passion helping others? Take advantage of a summer holiday or study/career break and volunteer at one of the many local non-profit organizations Road2Argentina works with. We have schools, community centers, orphanages, and other associations that need your help! You will be involved in meaningful projects that reach those who are truly in need. Volunteering is also a great way to learn and practice your Spanish while making a difference during your time here in Argentina.


Mostly B – Study Abroad

Spend a semester or academic year studying abroad at one of our partner universities: the Pontifical Catholic University (UCA), a top private university, or the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), a world-renowned public university. Short-term programs are also available. Academic credit is granted for all courses, and you will be are issued an official university transcript upon successful completion of the program. What better way to take advantage of traveling to another country than by earning college credit?

Mostly A- TEFL Certification Course

The  TEFL Argentina/Road2Argentina TEFL Certification Course course is an intensive, hands-on four-week (120 hours) course that leads to an internationally-recognized teaching certificate that prepares you to teach English to adult language learners of all levels and backgrounds. No previous teaching experience is required and both native and near-native speakers are encouraged to enroll. Come to Buenos Aires with a focused mind and get ready to make your dream of teaching English without borders a reality!

TEFL Argentina/Road2Argentina offers you a dynamic and interactive learning environment that you can’t get with an online course. In addition to having recognition by the College of Teachers and an internationally-recognized certificate, you will have hands-on teaching practice with local English learners of all ages and backgrounds, learn and teach with other teachers while learning from their experiences as well as your own, receive instant feedback from your course instructor, help with lifetime job placement assistance and support from the TEFL Argentina/Road2Argentina team.

R2A BA 15 Spanish

Mostly E- Spanish Classes

Learn Spanish at one of the most highly accredited Spanish schools in Latin America!

We achieve academic excellence through a combination of excellent teachers, small class size, and a solid academic framework. Our passionate teachers help students step-by-step in their Spanish learning process. Using the Communicative Method, students are encouraged to learn the language via speaking and interacting, meaning you will be able to communicate as quickly as possible.

We offer group and individual classes for all levels and the course materials are included in your program fee. Located in the city center, we are within walking distance to many important tourist attractions, shopping, restaurants and mass transit. Come see why 98% of our students recommend us!

So what is your experience abroad going to be? Get signed up now!

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