This week’s Roadie, Scott has been living and interning here in Buenos Aires for two months! See what he has to say about his Business/ International Trade Internship and his experience with Road2Argentina!

What does the organization you itern for do: It is a civil association or a not-for-profit organization that helps local small and medium size businesses export their products or services, conducts trainings, and provides numerous business tools for its member companies.

Describe a typical day in your internship: Conducting market research and analysis, administrative tasks, receiving guests, taking some phone calls, and only speaking in Spanish :)!

What makes Buenos Aires a special place to intern: The people! The city is really diverse, with people from all over the planet put in this amazing city with wonderful parks and activities, what’s not to love about it?

The most interesting thing you have done as an intern: I learned how to research and track imports and exports in some Latin American countries to prepare our business partners for a trip to Peru.

The greatest challenge you face as an business intern: Talking on the phone! I wasn’t terribly confident in my verbal Spanish skills, but talking on the phone is a bit harder than speaking in person.

The most valuable thing you’ve learned in Buenos Aires: Just go with it! Yes, punctuality and managing your time is important, but sometimes life happens (you miss a Subte train because it’s packed or you’re caught in a freak downpour and you forgot your umbrella) and they respect that sometimes life is in charge and you just have to go with the flow of your day.

Your biggest accomplishment since arriving: I’ve managed to break down my fear of speaking Spanish. I have no problems reading or writing, but speaking terrified me. Once you realize it is your most valuable resource for all things Buenos Aires, and that everyone makes mistakes, the fear disappears.

One fun fact about Buenos Aires: The Italian food is to DIE for! Ok, well, so is the steak… and the pizza. Ok, all of the food!

Your favorite memory of your time in BA: Just exploring the city and reflecting upon its history and culture. It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to a favorite memory because there is so much to experience, but definitely try and catch a football game in person or in a restaurant or pub and just enjoy how hardcore the soccer fans are here.

Advice to future Roadies: Shake the fear, whatever it may be, and just go! Start speaking, start exploring, leave your comfort zone behind. Talk to people, ask for directions, and try new things. To truly experience Buenos Aires, just walk around, it’s almost impossible to get lost, but if you do, I can almost guarantee you’ll come out of the situation with a great story or a new found favorite place.

Why choose Road2Argentina: Why not, honestly? It’s a great program with wonderful support and tremendous resources. The staff is wonderful and they focus on trying to get Roadies to communicate and mingle in order to meet new people and to do new and exciting things. They help you plan your own excursions or provide group trips… Oh, and Mate & Medialunas on Fridays are a great way to meet other Roadies and talk about your experiences.

Want to be a Roadie as well, contact to get more information!