Are you a visual arts enthusiast? Do you wish to explore south American art and culture while gaining professional experience? We are looking for a public relations intern within this field!

NOW HIRING: Public Relations – Arts and Culture intern

This is a boutique cafe, bookstore and art gallery that aims to combine and offer visitors an experience of enjoyment, connection, and exploration. They organize and host art shows, speakers, exhibitions, screenings, as well as many other exciting events. They provide a lovely space for people to interact, eat, and experience both art and culture!

Intern tasks and responsibilities: Interns are responsible for projecting a positive image of our organization via print, social media, as well as potential clients. They will be in charge of making sure our client database is up to date through communication with our partners, clients, and artists. Interns will also work to promote and organize events held by the organization. This may include social media work as well as communication with organizations we partner with. Depending on how long the intern stays, there may be an opportunity for them to organize and host their own events.

Intern profile: Interns should be effective communicators with an interest (or knowledge if possible) in the realm of arts and culture. They should be self-motivated, proactive, and show interest in the internship placement. Studies in related disciplines such as communications, marketing, etc. are also valued.


  • 8 Weeks minimum commitment
  • Basic-Intermediate Spanish
  • Knowledge/Interest in the arts and culture
  • Able to bring your own computer
  • Flexible weekly schedule

The gallery is hiring interns now. If you fit the above requirements and are interested in gaining an international work experience, this is what you have been looking for!

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