One of the great things of coming to Argentina is experiencing the great gastronomic dishes on offer! Be prepared to take back home a few extra pounds under your belt as you are unable to say ‘no!’ to an asado on Sunday, ñoquis on the 29th and, a pizza in the centre on a Friday coming out of the theatre!

Be warned, Argentine Pizza is quite different from many American and European pizzas. In this great Latin American country the pizza usually has a deep crust base and plenty of cheese. You can also get “pizza a la piedra” which is thin crust pizza.

Guerrin Pizzeria (Image taken from the

Guerrin Pizzeria (Image taken from the

The Top 10 Buenos Aires Pizzerias

It is not necessary to make a reservation, just turn up and they’ll have you seated. Just remember that Friday and Saturday nights will be more lively than other times. One thing we all fall in love with in Buenos Aires is that all the pizzerias are open from dawn till dusk! Don’t be surprised to see a group of amigos finishing their dinner and leaving around 1am.

1. Güerrin: Corrientes 1368
Founded in 1932 by two Genevan immigrants that came over to Argentina from Italy, Güerrin is said by many to do the best pizza in Argentina. Güerrin can be found on the famous Avenida Corrientes, a few blocks down from the Obelisco. With your filling mozzarella pizza order a cool beer for the hot summers, or a sweet wine Moscato. Güerrin also offers the option of a quick pop in standing up! Many people working in the centre will go by at lunch time and have a Pizza, Faina and Empanada standing up. It is a tradition in Buenos Aires to go to the theatre or Colon and come to Güerrin.

2. Los Inmortales:  Corrientes 1369, Lavalle 746, Mendoza 1369, Parana 1369
The great thing about Los Inmortales is that there isn’t only one! Around the Capital city there are 5 different restaurant chains of Los Inmortales around the city. Founded in 1952 by a family with very little money, it has now grown into one of the greatest and most famous pizzerias. Come to Los Inmortales to try the famous Pizza a la Piedra.  

3. Siamo Nel Forno: Costa Rica 5886
Located in Palermo, many who come from abroad and are looking for something with a bit more of an Italian style (smaller base and less cheese) say that this is their favourite pizza place in town. Recommendation: try the napolitana.

4. El Cuartito: Talcahuano 937
Their slogan is “The good Pizza” and has been declared cultural heritage of Buenos Aires, being one of the oldest pizzerias in this great city!

5.El Imperio De La Pizza: Av. Corrientes 6895
Founded in 1947. Conveniently located if you are out visiting the Chacarita Cemetery.  This big pizza place does a great find with thick crust and lots of cheese and onions.

6. La Farola
La Farola is also very well-known, with various chains around the city, famous for their large portions! You can find on Av. Santa Fe, Av. Cabildo and Av. Corrientes. You don’t just have to go to La Farola for Pizza, it is also good to go by and have a coffee and listen to the porteño conversations. They also serve Milanesa a la napolitana if there’s someone in your group who’s no so keen on pizza.

7. Las Cuartetas: Av. Corrientes 838
Named “Media Masa”: The taste is most likely in the mozzarella they use, being provided by the same place for years.

8. El Palacio de la Pizza: Av. Corrientes 751
Here the specialities are Anchovies, Spinach with white sauce and mozzarella with blue cheese. Many have voted El Palacio de La Pizza as their favourite place.

9. La Guitarrita: Cuba 3300
Founded in 1963, La Guitarrita does a good pizza a la piedra. Also, stop by to try a flan and ice cream for dessert!

10. Ferreiro: Av. Angel Gallardo 1001
Take yourself away from the centre for an escape for a good pizza in the more suburban area (Villa Crespo/Parque Centenario). Buses that will take you are there: 24, 42, 52, 57, 76 amongst others.

These pizzerias will also do home delivery with no extra charge! Just call up for an “envio a domicilio” and make your order.

Learn the flavours 101

  1. Muzzarella
  2. Napolitana – Cheese and tomato slices
  3. Calabresa – pepperoni
  4. Fugazza – Pizza base with onion topping
  5. Fugazzetta – Pizza base, cheese and onion topping
  6. Anchoa – Anchovies
  7. Jamon y Morron – Ham and Cooked bell pepper
  8. Verdura – Spinach with a white sauce
  9. Palmitas  – Palm hearts with “Salsa Golf” (Similar to Thousand Island Dressing)

Did we leave your favourite pizzeria out? Let us know!

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