What’s one of the first things people ask when listening to someone’s experience abroad? Of course, “what’s the food like?!” Surely you’ll hear the same question when talking about Argentina and easily be able to give a dissertation-length answer given the booming foodie scene that is happening here. Thanks to the folks at Yelp, we know exactly where to start. There is certainly no shortage of binge-worthy food in any part of Argentina, but the foodie paradise is definitely Buenos Aires (nine of the top ten from Yelp’s list are in BA). This city is crawling with restos ranging in style from upscale parrilla to casual Middle Eastern all the way to modern Asian noodle bars.

Hip Parilla in Palermo tops the List

Taking the top spot on this 100 list is La Carnecería. Yelp reviewers raved about its grand portions and one user even offered up “a round of applause for the grill master.” This traditional yet hip parrilla boasts every cut of meat, cooked over a wood fire, you could want along with modern cocktails and buena onda to boot! Although it also comes with three dollar signs on Yelp, this 36 Hours in Buenos Aires-featured locale is worth the entire investment. Also among the top 10 were favorites like Fukuro Noodle Bar, Sarkis and the one and only Don Julio. Fukuro Noodle Bar brings a taste of true Asian noodles to Buenos Aires with traditional bar seating. Sarkis, landing in the number two spot, has room to brag about its Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine which features a hummus to die for and lamb kebabs to rock yourtaste buds. And naturally, one of Buenos Aires’s most classic and beloved parrillas, Don Julio, came in at number four on the list. A parrilla with masters behind the grill and an ambiance that could charm even the most critical, you’ll never regret this one.

Delicious Lamb Kebab at Sarkis

Delicious Lamb Kebab at Sarkis

A BA Burger Experience

Moving outside of the top 10, we can’t forget about the one fad that everyone has jumped on recently, burgers. Places like Burger Joint (#13) and Heisenburger Lab (#100) have modernized the fast food, burger and fries experience. With hip and contemporary spaces, respectively, they’ve managed to turn burgers into an evening out. Craft beers, relatively cheap prices and an ambiance of cool people have offered a new category of fast food where hanging out and grabbing a beer tend to make it not so fast anymore.

So there you have it, a basic rundown of several of the top 100 restaurants in Argentina. Food is to culture as air is to life. Dive in. Soak it up. Literally, grab that bread and soak up the rest of the sauce. Indulge yourself from time to time and keep trying names on this list. Now get out there and eat!

By Kyle McClure