Recently, we traveled with 21 students to Mendoza, a city on the Argentine and Chilean border. Known primarily for its wine production, Mendoza also boasts incredible views of the Andes Mountains. After an overnight bus ride, we arrived in Mendoza early on Friday morning. Some students went to the hotel to rest for a bit, but others (including this blogger) headed straight for the bodegas for some early morning wine tasting. The majority of the students did the same wine tour later that afternoon. After a day of bodega hopping, everyone met at very cozy restaurant that featured live flamenco guitar music. Once we were all stuffed, some of us went out to explore the nightlife of Mendoza.

The following day, the students headed up into the mountains for some trail riding and an asado (BBQ). On Sunday monring everyone took the long bus ride to see Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Andes Mountains. That same night, we took the 10-hour bus ride back to Buenos Aires, during which the bus company decided to play the movie, The Notebook, which has a famously sad ending which caused about two thirds of the bus shed a few tears.

Despite the depressing ending due to the bus company movie selection, the trip went extremely well. It was a weekend with great food, amazing wines, and mountain trekking.