So did you follow Road2Argentina’s last weekend activities and go to the planetarium for the concert honoring Gustavo Cerati? Did you go to any of the shows that formed part of the Ciudad Emergente? We sure had a great time trying out new activities to have new ideas for you each week!


Everyone in Argentina will be supporting the Argentine national soccer (football) in the Copa America quarter finals. Tonight Argentina will play Colombia. See how Buenos Aires celebrates, getting together in local bars to have a Quilmes. If you’re not already a diehard fan of Messi, make the most of tonight to start!

Copa America

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Buenos Aires Restaurant

Sarkis – Thames 1101
Our restaurant to try out for this weekend activities in Buenos Aires is Sarkis. Sarkis is a middle-eastern/ oriental place. Known for serving good food, great sized portions and at a reasonable price. Even the great service is boasted about. We want to see if this restaurant, different to many in Argentina, lives up to its good reputation.

Sarkis Restaurant

Sarkis Restaurant. Photo taken from

Sarkis can be found on Thames 1101 in Palermo. Get a good bottle of wine and enjoy this Levantine cuisine in Argentina.

Hipódromo de Palermo: This Friday afternoon you can go to the Palermo hippodrome and see the horses. Here’s the official programs.

Silent Cinema: 22:00 on Friday, “El Golem”, de G Boese y P Wegener. In the Malba Museum. Price $45


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Silent Cinema: 00:00 Nosferatu, de F.W Mumau. In the Malba Museum. Price $45

Shopping: This weekend make the most of the time to get to know some of the most popular shopping malls in Buenos Aires. The Alto Palermo on Santa Fé 3253, The Patio Bullrich on Posadas 1245 or the Distrito Arcos is a nice more outdoor shopping space on Paraguay 4979.


Silent Cinema: 20:00 El Héreo del Río, with Buster Keaton and at 22:00 El hombre mosca, with Harold Lloyd. In the Malba Museum. Price $45

Buenos Aires Cathedral Service: Before Pope Fransisco Aka Bergoglio changed his current address to “The Vatican”, he was one of the most humble and adored priests at the Buenos Aires Cathedral. You can check the website out to see times of services and confessions. Pop by on a Sunday and see a traditional Argentine Catholic service.


Weekend Activities-Buenos Aires Cathedral. Photo taken from wikipedia

Buenos Aires Cathedral. Photo taken from Wikipedia