We went with a group of 23 students to Bariloche in the Province of Patagonia, Argentina and everyone had a great time.


Our flight for Thursday was cancelled and rescheduled for Friday, which added some nerves to the trip, but the next day, we returned to the airport and our flight left on schedule. As soon as we landed in Bariloche, representatives from the rafting company were there to meet us and take us immediately to the river for our rafting adventure. During the drive to the river, we quickly realized why they call Bariloche the Switzerland of South America. Located in the Andes Mountain, the region consists of a series of high altitude lakes and breathtaking mountains. We drank mate as we took in some of the incredible views of the countryside.

After arriving to the starting point on the river, we all changed into our fashionable wetsuits and were then received a crash course on rafting. We split up into three boats and started down the river Manso towards the Chilean border. We all rafted down the river and began talking the various rapids, which all had very interesting names such as “Deep Throat,” “Vaseline,” and “Devil’s Intestines.” After being soaked by the rapids, some of us jumped in the water and swam through a series of smaller rapids. At one point in the river, open war was declared between the three teams. This blogger’s team, appropriately named Barco Borracho, successfully attacked another boat and threw some of them into the water.



After rafting the 22 kilometers down the river from the starting point, we arrived at the Chilean border and the rafting adventure ended—the group photo was taken at the border.


The second day of the trip we visited Victoria Island, located in the national park. We took a boat tour of the area on the way to the island. The national park in Bariloche boasts some of the most fantastic sights the Argentina has to offer. There was one thing about the boat tour that got on some people’s nerves—the tour guide. She had a kind of ear-piercing voice that made you want to jump off the boat and take your chances with the icy cold water. One student went as far to even try to disconnect one of the loudspeakers! Upon arrival to Victoria Island, the group had lunch and a restaurant on the cost. We headed back to the hotel after lunch so that we could rest before going out for dinner and dancing.



Everyone was excited to eat in the charming restaurant where we reservation, but as we walked into our hotel to find candles lanterns scattered around the lobby, we quickly realized that the town had lost power, and as a result, we lost our dinner reservation. However, we found a couple restaurants with power and split up into two groups for dinner. Once we finished eating, everyone ventured out into the city to explore the night life. Some of us found a local pool bar and played a few games while we attempted to dance to cumbia music. Later one, a small group headed to club named Roxy to continue dancing, while other returned to the hotel to rest.

We went to the town centre and went to the well known Rapa Nui chocolateria. Bariloche and the Swiss colony is well known for making good chocolates. rapa nui bariloche

Our last day in Bariloche, everyone had the day to do what they pleased. Some went hiking to the top of a mountain, and others went canopying. After a relaxing day, we made our way to the airport and back to Buenos Aires. Little did we know that a tremendous storm was waiting for us! With the severe weather conditions, we were forced to fly to Córdoba to wait out the storm.

Everyone was pleased to be able to visit and get to know a new part of Argentina and we at Road2Argentina were delighted to hear that the students enjoyed themselves immensely.bariloche