This saturday we went to an estancia, or ranch, an hour outside of the craziness of the city!
It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunshine and warmth, something we haven´t seen in Buenos Aires in a while. Spring is here, and that was evident in La Estancia Ombues this weekend.
We arrived and were greeted by the owners who showed us around the land and let us know about everything we could do. Some of us were just as excited about doing nothing and laying in the sun! There were a couple of tennis courts, volleyball, golf, soccer, bike trails, horseback riding, ping pong, just to name a few. We grabbed a cup of coffee or tea and began to enjoy the fresh air. Around noon we had some empanadas and juice and then later in the afternoon the ASADO! An asado is an Argentine bbq which offers different cuts of meat from the cow, chicken, salads, bread and later dessert. The brave ones tried the not so typical parts of the cow like chinchulines which are the intestines cooked on the grill nice and crispy. I took a nap in the sun later, and others played volleyball or read. Relaxing is the key word. Enjoying green. We love Buenos Aires, but there´s nothing like taking a break from the noise and crowd and enjoying peace outside the city! This was a great way to spend the day…I know I´ll go back!