Friday Road2Argentina hosted a HelpArgentina Night at Stevi´s apartment. HelpArgentina is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen Argentine society through the mobilization of donors and volunteers. Every year they promote the idea of a HelpArgentina Night in which someone decides to host a dinner and the invitees bring a donation while being offered dinner and a good time. This can be in a bar, a restaurant, or someone´s home with 5 people attending or 100. The idea is raise funds and spread awareness. Every amount no matter how small is important and makes a difference! In 2005 and 2006, 3200 people participated in 136 HelpArgentina Nights in 44 different cities in 14 countries… all raising funds for 35 HelpArgentina Member Organizations. It´s a great idea, and Road2Argentina was pleased to host one of these nights. We had empanadas, una picada (cuts of meats, cheeses, olives, bread and spread), pasta salad, wine, beer, and DULCE DE LECHE. We look forward to taking part in another dinner next year and many thanks to all who came and participating. Your donations and support mean so much. Un beso grande!