This week we sat down with Road2Argentina employee Camila Crescimbeni who discusses the ins and outs of her job and the most rewarding and memorable moments during her time at R2A.

Where are you from?

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I was born in the neighborhood of Colegiales, but now I live in San Isidro.

What is your job title and what do you do?

I’m Program Coordinator, I am in charge of the Internship and Volunteering Programs, I manage housing options (homestay, shared apartment, student residence) for students, and I also organize student arrivals in Buenos Aires. Along with my colleague Nick Hadsel-Mares, we do Orientations for students as soon as they arrive in Buenos Aires, we take care of students while they are here, we organize activities for them every week, we help out with any issues that may arise during their stay, and we always do our best to provide the best possible experience for our students.

How long have you been working at Road2Argentina?

I’ve been working at R2A for a year and 3 months.

What drew you to working for Road2Argentina?

I have always loved being around international people, being exposed to a variety of cultures and languages. I traveled a lot when I finished high school: I studied abroad in the United States and France, and when I came back to Argentina to finish my studies, I realized I missed working with people from around the world. So when the opportunity came to become part of the R2A team, I was thrilled to combine my professional life with my passion for cultural exchange.

What is a normal day like for you in the R2A office?

There usually isn’t a “normal” day for us, coordinators. It all depends on whether we have to take students to their placements around the city, if we have scheduled extracurricular activities with them, whether a student comes in and needs our help to visit a doctor, etc. Basically, our work days are scheduled around student needs and plans. I try to be at the office at least a few hours every day, to be able to answer all emails with concerns from students, host families, internship or volunteering coordinators and/ or colleagues, to prepare backpacks for students and arrange their arrivals, among many other things.

Best part of your job? Most rewarding?

The best part of my job is being with the students: be it at a fun activity like Buenos Aires Fashion Week, on a boat on the way to Tigre, listening to a piano concert in El Ateneo Library, drinking coffee at a 150 year old café, having mate with delicious medialunas every Friday, it’s always great to hear people’s life stories! The most rewarding part of my job is when I see that our effort to make a great immersion program for our students is successful. When they say they are having a great time, when they are happy with their placements, whenever I can make people feel better and solve issues, I feel like I have done a good job.

Favorite R2A moment?

R2A group dinners, especially the ones in the Spring, and Mate y Medialunas every Friday!!

Funniest R2A moment?

Student Day in Buenos Aires (September 21st) is a local holiday, hundreds of students get together at the Palermo Parks and have a picnic in front of the lakes. I took 30 students to Student Day last year, as a weekly activity, and while we were having a picnic a random flower seller gave me a rose. I looked at him questioningly, and he said: “it’s from that guy right there” and he pointed to one of the Roadies!! I blushed and then got a picture taken with him, for the record.

What is the best thing about life in Buenos Aires?

The best thing about BA is its vitality: one day is never even remotely like the other! Also, the fact that days are mostly sunny is one of the things I enjoy the most about this vibrant city.