National Sovereignty Day commemorates the Battle of Vuelta Obligado that took place on November 20th, 1845.

The battle took place between the Argentine army and the Anglo- French navy. Although it ended with an Argentine defeat, the losses of British and French were very high which in turn forced them to bargain and negotiate a treaty with the governor of Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel de Rosas.

The Battle of Vuelta de Obligado and the peace treaty are seen as important events in Argentine history. Both events put into play rules regarding trading tariffs and traffic on the Paranà river.

National Sovereignty Day is public holiday, meaning there are no governmental operations, schools are closed, as well as many other businesses and stores. Public transportation is open! If the weather is nice you will most definitely smell asado coming from all over the city as many Argentine families will be cooking their typical cuisine. Others may gather in parks and plazas, drinking mate and socializing with friends and family.

The 20th of November has been observed nationally since 1974, although it was only since 2010 that the fourth Monday of November became a national holiday.

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