Feriados Argentina: Día Paso a la Inmortalidad del Gral. Manuel Belgrano/ National Flag day– June 20th




There are many “feriados” in Argentina, the one celebrated on June 20th is a holiday dedicated to the Argentine National flag and to honor its creator Manual Belgrano. Manuel Belgrano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has was a man of many legacies, one of them being the design of the Argentine National flag. Belgrano was most widely known for his position as commander in the revolution against Spain. It was during this time as the commander that he designed the flag for his army to represent. On June 20th, 1820, Manuel Belgrano passed away which is why we celebrate on this day each year.

Just like many other holidays banks and governmental agencies are closed as well as many businesses and stores. The holiday is mostly celebrated in Rosario, the location of where the flag was first raised. Celebrations happen throughout the country on this day to honor the National flag. You will see that many people will be honoring this day by wearing little Argentine flags on their jackets/sweater/shirts/etc.

Fun Fact: Manuel Belgrano is the face of the 10 Argentina bill.