For those who have grown tired of the typical Hollywood flicks shown on the majority of Buenos Aires´  big screens, there´s the Cine Gaumont, a cinema that plays only national Argentine films and, also importantly, tickets are very affordable ($4 pesos students, $6 pesos general public).

Although some films at the Gaumont are less-known productions and documentaries, even the most famous and high-budget Argentine films make it to the Gaumont.  For example, the recent Oscar-winning El secreto de sus ojos was shown at this cinema, for a quarter of the price of your run-of-the-mill movie theatres.  Aside from El secreto de sus ojos, I personally have seen a handful of other great Argentine productions there, such as, most recently, Paco, which relates the story of a well-to-do politician´s son who gets entangled in the world of this drug which is at the root of some of Argentina´s current social problems.  (For more information on ¨paco¨,
Although films are all in Spanish and therefore this cinema is recommended for those who have a pretty advanced grasp on the language, it is certainly not necessary to understand every word in order to follow the storyline.  In fact, this is a great exercise in listening comprehension, and is a great way to gain a little more insight into Argentine cinema and Argentine society – for less than the price of an ice cream cone.
A major production currently playing at the Gaumont is Carancho, starring one of Argentina´s most well-known actors Ricardo Darín, who also starred in El secreto de sus ojos.
The Gaumont is located at Avenida Rivadavia 1635, on the Plaza Congreso, between subway stations Sáenz Peña and Congreso on the A line, only a couple blocks from the Congreso building (also well worth seeing if you haven´t yet!)  at the corner of Entre Ríos/Callao and Rivadavia.  For a list of showtimes, you can visit:
And enjoy the show!