This weekend, Argentina celebrates its 200th birthday (May 25, 1810 – May 25, 2010) in the Paseo del Bicentenario, which will be held on the Avenida 9 de Julio between Belgrano and Corrientes.  If you are lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires during this event, you can’t miss it!

The activities kick off Friday, May 21 and continue through Tuesday, May 25.  There will be a variety of activities such as rock, orchestral, and tango concerts as well as dance, parades, and more!

Some highlights:

Friday, May 21 at 8pm:  Tribute to 40 years of National Argentine Rock, with well-known artists such as León Giego and Fito Páez.

Saturday, May 22 at 8pm: Latin American music concert

Sunday, May 23 at 8pm: Argentine tango and folklore show

Monday, May 24 at 4pm:  Big-screen showing of the Argentina vs Canada send-off game.

Tuesday, May 25 at 7pm: The May Parade – it will begin in the Plaza de Mayo and will end on 9 de Julio, narrating Argentina’s history.

Feria de las Provincias:  Each province will have a stand repesenting it with its history, customs, art, and anything typical of the region.

Paseo Gastronómico: There will be 72 food stands with typical food from the Argentine provinces, as well as from other countries participating in the celebration (such as Italy, Russia, Japan, Bolivia, and more).

For a full schedule of activities, you can visit the following website (in Spanish):

For information in English (less extensive), you can visit:

Vení a festejar con Argentina!  No te lo pierdas!