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This Friday, July 9 is yet another holiday in Argentina, but is not just any holiday, it is Independence Day! Wait, you might ask, didn’t Argentina just celebrate its bicentennial a little over a month ago on May 25? That’s true! Both May 25 and July 9 are important dates in Argentine independence, but for different reasons.

May 25 commemorates the Revolución de Mayo, the series of revolutionary events that took place in that same month that lead towards the independence of Argentina. May 25, 1810 is known as the beginning of the Argentine nation, although no formal declaration of independence was yet made and the Primera Junta, the government that came to power with the Revolución de Mayo, continued to rule in the name of the king of Spain. From this time forward, however, this allegiance was completely superficial, as the authority of the Spaniards was no longer recognized.

July 9, in turn, is the date better known as independence day, as it is the day that the formal Declaration of Independence was signed. On July 9, 1816, this formal declaration was signed at the Congreso de Tucumán, thereby cutting off all ties to Spain.

For more information about the Declaración de Independencia de Argentina, you can read the following Wikipedia article:

As an interesting note: Practically all of the signers of the declaration of independence have a Buenos Aires street dedicated to them! How many of them do you recognize?

(Photo: past roadie Rachel Legaspi)