The Chinese district of Buenos Aires is located in the Neighborhood of Belgrano, at the intersection of Arribenos and Juramento, just behind the train station. You can reach it by taking the ‘subte’ until the Juramento Station, by train until Belgrano C Station or by taking one of the numerous city buses. The entrance of the ‘barrio Chino’ cannot be missed as you enter through a stone archway.

Casa China

Nothing comparable to the Chinatowns from London or San Francisco, the Chinese district in Buenos Aires only occupies a few ‘cuadras’ lined with typical Chinese shops and restaurants. It is however an original walk, away from the agitation of the center. It is the center of the entire Asian community in Buenos Aires so you can find not only Chinese food and shops but also Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean.

If you like to cook, the supermarkets are packed with Chinese delicacies, sauces, pastas … You can find fresh fish and meat, rice wine, Nori leaves (for sushis), and tapioca pearls (my favourite) to make the famous Taiwanese Pearl Milk tea (or Bubble tea.  Mmmmm).You can also (surprisingly) find European products. If you’re not such a fan of cooking, you can go to one of the Asian restaurants decorated with Chinese characters and decorative dragons.

Chinese Restaurant

To complete your visit of the Chinese district, you can go to the Chong Kuan Buddist temple. Its big statue of Buddha, candles, incense and Chinese drums make you feel like you are in Asia.