Wine lovers Paradise- Argentina’s Wine Country

Argentina- known for its delicious beef, geographic wonders, and castellano language, is also home to acres of beautiful vineyards.

As the largest wine producer in South America, Argentina’s different regions provide for different climatic characteristics allowing for production of diverse wine types. With the help of the European grape that was cultivated 470 years ago, Argentina is still producing Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and many more styles of wine with the same spirit! Argentine wine is not only great quality but extremely cheap compared to wine in the States or the UK.

Check out the different wineries/Bodegas below located throughout the wine regions of Argentina!


Bodega Colome Winery: Located in Molinos, Salt Colome Winery is the oldest winery still standing in Argentina. Experience this unforgettable wine atmosphere with the tours, visitor center, and wine tasting.

Finca Las Nubes: Located in Cafayete, Salta this wine estate is a full service experience. Take advantage of the beautiful view of Cafayate Quebrada, taste the delicious organic wine, and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere!

Etchart: Located in Cafayate, Salta, Etchart was started in 1850 at the foot of the Andes Mountains. This Bodegas wines have been nominated for many awards and medals leaving you with an exceptional experience of fine wine tasting and a beautiful environment.


Noemia: Located in Patagonia, Argentina this estate is located in the middle of the desert creating a very special harvesting climate. Indulge in some of Argentina’s best wines while being a part of the experience here at Noemia.

Humberto Canale: Located in Patagonia, Argentina this colonial style winery guides its visitors through the whole process beginning to end.

Fin del Mundo Winery: Located in the province of Neuquén this winery is the first in this province. With high end technology get to know how this winery produces award winning wines. Take part in the experience through the tours, tasting, and pruning!


Bodega La Rural: Located in Mendoza, Argentina La Rural is one of the most important bodegas in Argentina and the world. Learn what makes this winery so special through the tours, wine tasting, and wonderful environment.

Bodega Norton: Located in Mendoza, Bodega Norton has 5 vineyards producing a wide range of wines. Experience this fine wine first hand through tastings, harvesting, and wine making.

La Azul: Located in Mendoza, this little winery is great for a more personalized experience. When visiting La Azul you will be introduced to the wines, the methods for which they are produced, and the history behind this special place.

These are just a few!

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