If you have taken your tango classes with road2Argentina, you might be looking for a place to practice. Yesterday night, a friend of mine brought me to a place to learn tango and have a drink. It is called ‘La Catedral’ and is located on Sarmiento 4006, in the barrio of Almagro (subte Medrano). The entrance costs 30Arg$ and is really worth it.


‘La Catedral’ was once used to stock grain, and later as a factory for dairy products. It is now used as a milonga and for tango clases. The history of the place gives it a unique atmosphere. The building is beautiful with a very high ceiling, unmatching decorations and paintings that seem to have come from all parts of the world and lights are dim and colored with lanterns and candles. The overall appearance is really special.


This was my first time in a place like this and I learned a few tango steps. The teachers were very passionate! After the classes are over, at around 23h (sometimes later), the more experienced couples come on the floor and it is a pleasure to watch them dance.


If you want to eat something, you can order pizzas or grilled meat with French fries and sit at one of the tables around the dance floor or you can just come to have a drink. Some nights, there is a live band playing.


This is definitely a place I would recommend. I hope you enjoy it.