The following blog entry was written by our very own Roadie, Tim, who arrived in Buenos Aires in August and will be sticking with us until November! Take a look and see what an average (or not so average) Saturday in the life of a Roadie is like!


This past Saturday, I slept in, got up at around 11 and started to work on reading some scripts and preliminary casting ideas for a couple projects I am working on back in New York…  After a quick lunch at the house I hopped the 39 bus to meet up with Road2Argentina at the Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, a museum chronicling 200 years of the woman’s role in Argentine society.

As I was walking down Calle Riobamba (what a name!  Say that ten times fast) I bumped into Maria, one of our coordinators, and we waited.  Before long we were joined by other Road2Argentinians and Emily, Road’s new volunteer coordinator, also from the Boston area and “Buena Onda” as well.  We were then taken on a tour of the museum’s 3 pisos by two highly knowledgeable guides and with a gaggle of highly talkative Argentinian women.  It was entertaining to watch these women argue over various historical points, many of which they had lived through.  Oh the joy of being a fly on the wall!  The tour culminated with a icon of good ol’ Eva Peron which became a point of discussion for the night to come…  After somewhat unceremoniousnessly leaving the tour, we popped into a cafe on Santa Fe to indulge in a variety of coffees and pastries.  These Road events are great times to meet the other Roadies and share our experiences in the city.  A truly international perspective, on my corner of the table conversation ranged from economic structure, global superpowers, gypsies, and cultural inequities.

After the cafe, we parted ways.  Maria and I walked and talked about my Buenos Aires experience before we split ways at Plaza Italia.  She was going home and I was off to check on my friends’ apartment in Palermo.  Should have been pretty straightforward, no?  Just open the door check to see that all was well and head off to enjoy the rest of my night… If only things were so easy!  All went well until it was time to leave.  I was able to get through all the doors until I got to the gate.  My key simply wouldn’t work!  An older lady came and tried her key, again no luck.  Two more tenants came and failed to open the gate and I was sure that it was I who broke the gate.  Finally, the super came and opened the gate and I bolted…  Oops!

After my brief imprisonment I headed back towards the Museum to get dinner with Alexis.  We went to Cilantro, a beautifully designed restaurant with a menu that rivals cheesecake factory in types of cuisine and a caipirinha to rival all.  I recommend to one and all!  And its only 5 blocks from the Road House.


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