If you’ve already read our article on Sports in Buenos Aires but are looking for something a bit different; our staff  member Ian has shared with us some brief  insight into the world that is Ultimate Frisbee.


Argentina Ultimate


Much like trekkies and crossfitters, Ultimate Frisbee players can be found everywhere. Argentina is no exception, we’ve been chasing plastic down south since 1998. So pack your disc people, there’s a family of disc lovers waiting here.

Whether you’re the laid back type, looking to meet people while you throw around in the park on Sundays, or you want to stay in shape while you practice regularly with a competitive team, Argentina is ready for you. With 7 teams in the city of Buenos Aires and more around the BA province and Córdoba, Ultimate in Argentina has been growing rapidly for the past 5 years.


The Argentine Community

Come play a pick up game of Ultimate Frisbee in Argentina

Pick Up in Buenos Aires, Argentina

With over 500 all around the country, Argentina’s Ultimate players behave a lot like a community. Regardless of your level of play, the community is very welcoming to new players. Pick-up games, open practices, and party invitations are part of the everyday scene. Ultimate in Argentina has also found that Colombia, Venezuela, and the US send down some of the most talented and fun players, so the general feel here is always very friendly and international.



 Competition in Argentina

A few years of development, as well as the help of Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil have helped Argentina to grow its original pick-up games into city leagues and a calendar of at least one tournament every two months. Ultimate in Argentina has always featured mixed competition, but you might find some women’s or men’s tournaments every now and then.


All teams present for the Buenos Aires Mixed League Finals.

All teams here are present for the Buenos Aires Mixed League Finals.


Important information:

  • The biggest Ultimate community in Argentina is in Buenos Aires, with 7 mixed teams and 5 women’s teams.
  • Other cities with Ultimate teams in Argentina are: Córdoba, Bahía Blanca, Tres Arroyos and Moreno.
  • Argentina plays mostly Mixed Ultimate. But once or twice a year there’s a gender specific tournament.
  • Some of the biggest tournaments in Argentina are:
    • Ultimate Carnaval (5×5, beach, mixed), held in the city of Monte hermoso for Carnaval (usually February). It’s the best (and only) beach Ultimate Tournament in Argentina.
    • Espíritu Sudaka (7×7, grass, mixed), held in Buenos Aires for Easter weekend. It’s probably the biggest Tournament in Argentina, featuring teams from Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela.
    • Torneo Raza (7×7, grass, mixed), held in Bahía Blanca in mid-October. It brings together the greatest amount of National teams.
  • You can find more information in the Ultimate in Argentina webpage or Facebook group