There is no better time to visit Buenos Aires than in November. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Weather
You cannot ask for better weather than this. It’s not too hot and it’s definitely not cold. Picture perfect days of sun, temperatures in the high 70’s F (26 C), and light breezes to cool you off when the sun gets warm.

Boca v River2. Super Clasico
Soccer. Futbol. Whatever you call it, there is no place that lives the passion of the sport more than right here in Buenos Aires. Feel this passion reach a culmination at the Super Clasico, when Buenos Aires’ two top teams and sworn enemies, River Plate and Boca Juniors, finally confront each other. Only one team can be number 1 and this game will end the debate and prove who takes the crown (at least for the rest of this year). The battle commences, November 16.

3. Concerts and Festivals
concertThis year seems to be the year of the concert here in Argentina, and November is the reigning month. Look for many international and local acts in various concerts and festivals around town. All the usual mega-star big name acts are coming into town, but they are also followed by many international bands who don’t usually make the trip this far south. Big festivals like the Hot Festival and Creamfields feature a diverse group of musicians. Every night is jam packed with options to see amazing musical performances- the hardest part will be deciding which ones to go see! Check out for an agenda of events.

4. Polo ChampionshipPolo
If you don’t know it by now, you should know that Argentines love polo. It is a national pastime here and a great way to pass a November day. So grab your Ralph Lauren wear and head over to the Campo Argentino de Polo. This year’s championship tournament is particularly special as it marks Argentina’s Bicentennial celebration. The tournament kicks off November 20.

5.  EVERYTHING is in full spring bloom
The many parks and plazas are dressed in their best with flowers and fauna. Make sure to head over to los Bosques de Palermo or the ecological reserves of Puerto Madero to frolic in nature. That odor you smell, no it’s not bus jacarandaexhaust, instead it’s the fragrant purple jacaranda trees flourishing in the spring sun. But it’s not just flowers and trees that are in full bloom, the entire city and the people are opening up and reveling in the spring weather. Expect to find restaurants blossoming into packed patio dining, plazas blooming with passersby stopping to enjoy the sun, and weekend fairs growing into large day-long outdoor affairs.