Buenos Aires is a startling city, never short of activities, so even in wet weather, there’s no reason to stay at home. With a good pair of shoes and an umbrella, get ready to brave out the rain!

Have you ever been to the ‘AteneoBookstore? It is located on Santa Fe 1860 (about 20 minutes’ walk from R2A) and is definitely the most beautiful bookstore I have ever seen. It is housed in a former theater (Theater Grand Splendid) and has staged some performances from Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini and Francisco Canaro. In 2000 it was converted into a bookstore and the seating area was removed to give space to the bookshelves. It contains more than 120 000 titles (some of them in English and French). If you are looking for a good book to distract yourself during a long bus ride or to practice your Spanish, you know where to go!

The Building in itself is also definitely a must-see. The original paintings and gold embellishments were kept. The central dome has romantic style paintings from Italian artist Nazareno Orlandi. You can grab a book and sit in one of the comfy sofas on the former theater boxes and nobody will tell you that it is time to leave!


The Ateneo also has an elegant café located on the stage where you can enjoy a nice cup of cappuccino and piece of lemon pie.