ABCs of Life in Buenos Aires

A Alfajores – Argentina’s most popular sweet treat, Alfajores are commonly filled with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate.

B Besos – It’s customary here to greet others when you meet them with one kiss on the cheek!

C Colectivos – The fastest and cheapest form of public transportation, the bus!

D Dulce de Leche – Atop medialunas, in alfajores, or even just by the spoonful you can’t deny Buenos Aires’ sweet tooth love affair for this thick caramel concoction.

E Empanadas – Fried or baked and with an endless variety of filling options, empanadas are perfect for a quick lunch or snack.

F Fútbol – Porteños are wild for their fútbol! See for yourself at Boca Juniors game at La Bombeonera.

G Guia T – Get from Point A to Point B on the ever-complicated bus system with the help of the Guia T!

H Helado – Buenos Aires sure knows how to do dessert and their ice cream is no exception, it is to die for!

I InterSpanish – Brush up on your castellano with classes at Road2Argentina’s Spanish school, InterSpanish!

J Jamón – Jamón y queso is a staple in Buenos Aires, find it on pizzas, in empanadas and sandwhiches!

K Kioskos – Stock up on candies, soda and other snacks at one of the hundreds of kioskos scattered around the city.

L Libertador – Walk, run or bike along Av. Del Libertador that runs from the Hipodromo in Palermo all the way to Plaza San Martin in Puerto Madero.

M Mate – Enjoyed any time of the day, mate is a drink most commonly passed around and enjoyed among friends.

N Nightlife – Porteños sure know how to party! A night out rarely ends before the sun comes up!

O Obelisco – At the center of downtown stands the Obelisco, stretching 67.5 m skyward, that commemorates the 400th anniversary of the first Spanish settlement.

P Parrilla – At least one meal at a parrilla is a must while in Buenos Aires for a world famous, melt-in-your-mouth steak.

Q Quiero Bagel – craving a bagel while away from the US? Look not further than Quiero Bagel!

R Resto Bars – Relax during a long lunch or afternoon coffee at a local Resto Bar.

S San Telmo Sundays – Head to Calle Defensa for a stroll through the hundreds of street vendors, antiques for sale and some of the best street fare around.

T Tango – Make sure you see a tango show while in Buenos Aires, all of which are guaranteed to be top notch since this sultry form of dance has its roots in Argentina.

U Universida de Buenos Aires (UBA) – Argentina’s largest university is free to all students!

V Vos – Don’t forget, in Argentina the pronoun ‘vos’ is used instead of ‘tu’.

W WUBA – What’s Up Buenos Aires is chock full of info on BA culture and happenings!

X Xeneizes – Boca Junior’s crazy fútbol fans are known as xeneizes.

Y Yenny – Buenos Aires has a love for books and the Yenny bookstore has no shortage of them! Pick up a novel and practice your Spanish!

Z Zoológico – Take a walk on the wild side at the Zoológico Buenos Aires that is home to over 350 different species!