Most of you have probably already been to the San Telmo feria that takes place every Sunday on Calle Defensa. The first part of the Feria is filled with different stands that sell mostly crafts and souvenirs. You can zigzag between the tourists and buy homemade Dulce de Leche.

Old functioning telephones!

My favourite part of the San Telmo Market it right at the end of the Defensa Street. Right before Plaza Dorego starts the antique market. You can find anything from old (functioning) telephones and gramophones to silverware, jewelry, soda syphons…

Antique soda Syphons

Soda Syphons were popular in the 1920’ and 1930’ in Europe and then in the United Stated. It is possible to find beautiful antique soda syphons in Plaza Dorego although most of them don’t work anymore and are used simply as decoration.

After Plaza Dorego, calle Defensa is a lot more quiet and there are lots of old Galleries on the sides of the road. Don’t forget to visit them!

Galeria de la Defensa - Edificio Historico