We spend all year collaborating with many of our wonderful NGO’s connecting them with volunteers who are ready and able to help. The volunteer gets an experience of a lifetime and the NGO gets some much needed support and aid, it’s really a win-win for both the volunteer and the NGO.

As the end of the year approached we thought that those of us in the office should also pitch in a hand, help out where needed, and give a little more to the projects we work with. So we ditched our desks, computers, and blackberrys for the day to get out into the fresh air and do a little hard labor. We went to own of our projects, a hosptial that has a organic farm where they produce fresh, healthy food for the patients but more than anything the garden serves as a great rehabilitation tool for the patients. We got our hands dirty digging in the dirt and planting some seeds, that I look forwad to going back and seeing in full bloom.

After our morning work, the hospital organized an end of the year Christmas party for the patients- a big barbecue with live music performed by the patients and even a visit from Santa. We were happy to help out in the kitchen getting all the meals out but the real treat was seeing how happy the patients were to enjoy good food, good music, and good company. This time of year it’s moments like that where you remember what is really important in this life and it’s a feeling we here at Road try to carry with us all through the year!