The month of May has been in full force here in Buenos Aires! Two weeks ago the Roadies had the opportunity to try something unconventional. We lost our sight and intensified our sense of hearing to the sound of Pink Floyd with “Parlantes Holofonicos” at Teatro Ciego.

Parlantes Holofonicos at Teatro Ciego

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Before going in we got to experience the “holophonic” sensation using sounds reproduced through headphones. Hugo Zuccarelli, who we also had the pleasure of meeting that day, explained his technique of developing simple sounds through a system of speakers, which reproduce 360° three-dimensional sounds- Parlantes Holofonicos. He was the creator of the “holophonic” recording technique in the 1980s. Holophonic speakers only exist in Argentina and it was the first time Road2Argentina had the chance to experience it!

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Our Roadies previewing the Holophonic Speakers before the show.

At Road2Argentina, we always want our Roadies to experience not only the typical cultural and touristic spots but also to visit the undiscovered and hidden gems of Buenos Aires!