On Monday afternoon we went on a Road2Argentina excursion to the Palacio Barolo in central Buenos Aires for a tour of one of the most interesting buildings in Argentina. Palacio Barolo was the tallest building in South America until 1935 and its design, both inside and out, reflect themes from Dante’s Divine Comedy. As our guide explained, the palacio is divided into three parts; hell, purgatory, and heaven. As we ascended up to “heaven” on the 22nd floor, the spiraling staircase got tighter and tighter until we burst out upon some magnificent views of Buenos Aires. One side provided an especially spectacular view of the Congreso building from way up high. We reached the highest point of the tower that houses a working spotlight and were treated to a panoramic view of the city from 100 meters up. Even though the weather didn’t show us its best face, on a clear day it’s possible to see all the way to Uruguay.Even though we didn’t recognize a lot of the symbolism taken from Dante’s Divine Comedy, the overall effect was pretty awesome. From the 7 elevators (at least one of which is hidden behind false panels), to the spherical motifs that dominate the building from top to bottom, Palacio Barolo was a delight to visit.

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