No experience in Buenos Aires is complete without a sampling of Argentina’s traditional drink and snack, mate and medialunas!
Every Friday at the Roadhouse, our Roadies from all over the city get together to enjoy a uniquely Argentinean afternoon.
What are they, you ask? For many Argentines, mate is an important part of their daily ritual. It’s made from the local yerba mate plant and is drank from special gourd and straw, called a bombilla. It’s not uncommon to see someone on a bus or train pull out a thermos full of hot water and pour it into their mate cup on the spot.
Since it’s most common to make your own mate, it can actually be pretty difficult to taste a mate in cafe in Buenos Aires — that’s why we bring it to you in traditional Argentine fashion here at the Roadhouse!
The crescent-shaped medialunas are another traditional snack here in Buenos Aires, found in every cafe and confiteria in the city. They’re sweet, soft and the perfect side to an afternoon coffee or mate!
Join us here at Road2Argentina to give them a try for yourself! 🙂 Get more information about our volunteer and internship opportunities in Buenos Aires by visiting, or send us an e-mail at!