Monday 25th is a national bank holiday to celebrate the May Revolution! This means not only can you make the most of the weekend to relax or try something new, but you have 3 days to explore Buenos Aires. Here’s are some great ideas of things to do this long weekend:

Indoor shows/activities/expositions

1.Feria Puro Diseño: Until the 25th of May in “La Rural” you can go to this annual design fair with stands of all different types of products and innovative ideas. From artisanal handcrafted goods to modern interior design decor

2. Cinema: Fancy some popcorn and a good flick? Here in Buenos Aires there will always be a great Hollywood or an Argentine film . Check out your local cinema for showings and prices. If you don’t want it dubbed in Spanish, make sure to ask for “En Inglés, subtitulada”.

Currently, they are showing:

  • Fast & Furious 7
  • Scarface
  • Sin Hijos
  • Tokio
  • Mahagonny
  • Tomorrowland
  • Cinderella (La Cenicienta)
  • Jurassic World

Here are the websites of the two main cinemas here:



3. Stand up Comedy – If you go down Avenida Corrientes and into “Paseo La Plaza” you will find different companies doing stand up comedy. Be warned: these will be mostly in Porteño Spanish and with 18+ humor! If you’re looking for a laugh and to prove how good your Castellano has got, head down to Corrientes 1660.

4. Reggae Music – For something a little different Yataians present “Revelation” in the Ciudad Cultural Konex. Friday May 22nd at 21:00 pm. 

5. Usted Está Aquía must see interactive show at the Konex.

6. Ice Skating – Maybe not the most Argentine of sports, but definitely a fun one to do with friends! This weekend try going to “Winter” ice rink in Caballito. The address is Yerbal 1617.

7. Coffee Break – Head to Full City Coffee House for some amazing coffee in the heart of Palermo Soho, Thames 1535.

8. Clubs: If going out and dancing is your thing, there are plenty of clubs (Boliches) that will be open for partying this weekend. Get down to Palermo to Niceto Club or Rosebar. There is also Kika, Asia de Cuba in Puerto Madero and Brook.


If you fancy getting a bit of fresh air, making the most of the great plazas and parks in Buenos Aires is always a good idea. Take your phone or camera out and take some nice pictures of San Telmo and Recoleta and make your friends back home super jealous.

Some great outdoor spaces are:

  • Plaza Las Heras
  • Bosques De Palermo
  • Peru Beach
  • Parque Saavedra
  • At night, Puerto Madero is a beautiful part of the city to see and go out for dinner.

For other ideas of things to do this long weekend, check out the Cuidad de Buenos Aires website!