I have been in Argentina for three weeks now and I am still learning my way around the city but so far so good. I am glad I chose to do the internship in Argentina program with Road2Argentina because this opportunity has taken me out of my comfort zone. I have never lived in a city before coming to Buenos Aires, so not only do I have to get used to living in another country but I must also get used to living in the city and taking public transportation. To say the least: my first two weeks were a little overwhelming and challenging and I got lost almost everywhere I went but I understand the street signs and the public transportation system a lot better now.

Exploring Museums and the Tigre Delta

So far I have visited a few interesting places around the city. On a Road2Argentina tour we went to the national museum of fine arts and the museum of Latin American arts (MALBA) and they were both amazing. In the national museum I saw sculptures and paintings and in the MALBA I saw modern art sculptures; and of course, I got a little lost getting to the museum because I went to the wrong museum at first but then I found my way to the correct place.  

Dorothee and the other Summer 2017 Roadies during our museum walking tour

Also, I went to a town called Tigre which is loated in the Northern outskirts of Buenos Aires in a beautiful river delta area. Living in the Southern hemisphere is a bit different than what I am used to because the Northern part of the country is the warmest and the Southern part is the coldest which is opposite of the Northern hemisphere.

Dancing Tango: A Must-do in Argentina

I am currently doing an internship program at a media production company called Top Hat and I work in an office with five guys. They are all very nice, fun and easy going. I have also gotten more used to my surroundings now and I am starting to enjoy my time here in Buenos Aires even more now . One of the great things about doing a program with Road2Argentina is that we have weekly events that we do as a group, which I enjoy because I have something else to do besides work.

Recently we went to a tango class where we learned how to dance tango and afterwards watched professional tango dancers perform. Learning the tango steps has been one of my favorite events thus far because I enjoy dancing and one simply does not come to Argentina without learning the famous Argentinian Tango. I am looking forward to what’s to come for me here in Buenos Aires during my internship in Argentina.


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