Yesterday Road2Argentina went out to visit the Jardin Japones here in Buenos Aires. Although it was raining in the morning the skies cleared into a picturesque afternoon with blue skies, bright sun, and a pleasant spring breeze- the perfect combination for a stroll in the majestic gardens.

We spent the leisurely afternoon walking through the gardens , zig-zagging back and forth over the many Japanese style bridges and watching the giant Japanese koi fish feeding and jumping in the many ponds.  And of course nothing tops of a trip to the park like ice cream for everyone! Which we happily enjoyed while sitting on the edge of the water. Perfection!

The gardens, located in Palermo, created in 1967 represent a typical Japanese Garden and is completed by a tea house that also serves as a sushi restaurant at night. Definitely worth a visit for a nice tranquil afternoon or go head over at night for the sushi and admire the view of the gardens lit up!