2008 began with HOT HOT HOT weather!
We had our welcome dinner at the always delicious Las Cholas this month,and it was so hot that instead of downing malbec red wine with the steaks, everyones drink of choice was Agua Sin Gas bieen friooo!
Now it´s cooled down (in the 80s!) and the city is less crowded due to Argentines hitting the beach because it´s their summer vacation now.

Activities so far this month have included:
Milonga (tango dance hall), bike riding in Puerto Madero and the ecological reserve, folk music concert, and La Boca!

This week we´re going to MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires) and the Palacio Barolo.

Also I´d like to add to the first addition for 2008, some very very Argentine vocabulary (lunfardo) for you. Enjoy!

1. dar bola= pay attention
2. zarpado= awesome, wild, mindblowing
3. embole= very boring
4. guita = money, cash
5. cana = police

We look forward to a great 2008!