Are you happy/satisfied with your housing placement? Would you have chosen a different option if you could do it again?
Yes I was very happy with my housing placement. I lived in the student residence, which
always provided entertainment. It allowed me to make instant friends and although there
were some set backs, like unreliable internet and dirty dishes, the terrace is amazing, the
cleaning ladies are so lovely, and the people are always down to go out and have a good
time. I loved it.

What’s the most striking thing about Argentine people?
The Argentine people are a special group. They are very striking. The men are quite…
forward… with their appreciation of women, and the woman are very deserving of the
appreciation since they’re beautiful. Their sense of time is completely off, especially
from people coming from the US or any non-Latin country. Most importantly, they love
to relax and have a good time.

Is it hard to get to know the city? How easy is public transportation? How easy is walking?
When I arrived I thought I’d never understand the bus system. There are literally over
a hundred buses that will take you all over the city, 24 hours a day. But suddenly, a
week after being here, I had it down pat. It is not hard to get to know the city. Public
transportation is thorough but slightly unreliable as the buses have no set schedule and
the subte strikes once every other week.

Has your Spanish improved? Did classes have anything to do with that?
Admittedly I don’t feel like my Spanish improved. It took me awhile to get used to the
Argentine accent, especially since my Spanish background is Spanish from Spain. It’s
almost the complete opposite accent here in BA. But I’m sure subconsciously I learned
things that I won’t realize until speaking Spanish again.

How are the friendships you’ve made?
I met some of my best friends down in BA. It’s awesome how everyone is so passionate
about traveling and experiencing a new culture and setting so it immediately bonds you.
Plus it automatically gives you something in common, which, for me, is the biggest
aspect of my personality and my goals in life (traveling) so I loved almost everyone in the

What is one thing a new Roadie cannot miss out on?
A new Roadie has to make sure to go to Tigre, preferably during the warm months. It’s a
beautiful escape from the big city. They also need to make sure to participate in the free
activities Road puts on once a week. They allow you to see and experience things that
maybe on your own you wouldn’t find or be able to check out. But there are so many
things to not miss out on like La Bomba del Tiempo, Recoleta market, and the reggae
band that plays in Recoleta park on Sundays. BA is huge and has a million different
wonderful things to do and see.

What’s the nightlife scene like?
The nightlife is unreal. The people party until well into the morning of the next day.
There are an amazing selection of clubs, bars, and restaurants, and there are no excuses to
sit inside on any given day. There is most definitely something for everyone.

Why did you pick this internship?
I had just graduated from college and wanted to go experience something else new. I was
lucky enough to stumble across R2A and get offered a position so I took the opportunity
to spend a few months down exploring Buenos Aires!

Why did you choose BA?
It had always been a dream of mine to come down here so I feel so lucky to have been
able to.

Culture shock moment?
The differences in foods in the grocery stores! Of course the majority of foods are the
same but I had the hardest time with the lack of spinach (which I did eventually find, in
bags, but not cleaned, and quite pricey, at Carrefour) and the lack of turkey. This is ham
and beef country! Also, when was the last time you saw at least 20 people rollerblading
a day? Everyone loves to blade here and I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon
and renting rollerblades in the park! It’s a much better workout than it seems!