This week I sat down with a student studying abroad in his second semester junior
year, Eric Mosher. His home university is a small liberal arts school in Vermont and he
planned this program with Road and his school on his own. He attends the Universidad
Belgrano, and takes his classes in Spanish.

Why are you studying abroad?
I wanted to improve my Spanish and to truly immerse myself and experience another

Why did you choose Buenos Aires?
I had friends that studied abroad here during the fall semester and loved it. Also I wanted
to be in a Spanish speaking country and figured that anywhere in South America would
be cheaper than studying in Spain. I also have a tie to Mexico and therefore have been
there often and wanted something new.

So has your Spanish improved as you hoped?
Yes, my Spanish has improved drastically. Every day in school I’m surrounded by
Spanish and then when I go home, if I interact with my flatmate it’s also all in Spanish
so I truly did get immersed in it. I just need to be able to get rid of this Argentine accent
when I go home!

Are you happy/satisfied with your housing placement? Would you have chosen differently if you could do it again?
I’m very satisfied with my housing placement of a shared apartment. It allows for a lot of
freedom and comfort especially since I only share it with one Argentine. I just wish my
flatmate were closer to my age but I would not have chosen any other housing option.

Has it been easy for you to get to know the city?
Yes, I have found the city very manageable. Also, being from New York, I feel pretty
confident in my city navigation abilities so that may have something to do with it!

What is the most striking thing about Argentine people to you?
For me, it has been the accent. It’s so unique among Spanish speaking countries.

How are the friendships you’ve made?
They have been awesome. It’s cool to be around people that are all experiencing the same
situations as yourself: it bonds us together.

What’s the nightlife scene like?
Fun! Buenos Aires is pretty renown for its club scene and even though I’m not a
big ‘clubber’ I have still found that going out to bars and just walking around popular
nightlife areas is fun enough! For me at least!

What’s one thing a new Roadie cannot miss out on?
Eating steak! It is absolutely fantastic here and so reasonably priced. Hit up the parrilla
La Cholita, it’s the best.

And finally, what has been the biggest culture shock moment for you?
I have to go back to the nightlife; the Argentines are so accustomed to staying out until…
not even the early hours of the morning but the actual morning! It’s not uncommon for
them to come home at 7, 8am.