Last Monday we had our monthly group dinner. A favorite, Las Cholas, was the restaurant of choice for that evening. Dinner´s in Buenos Aires usually start around 11 or 12, however since we´re a big group we met up at 830 to get a table. Las cholas is a parrilla restaurant (lots of grilled meats) however the menu has a wide range of options like fish, quesadillas and salads as well. I was craving a big steak like most and ordered a bife de lomo. A bife de lomo is a filet cut and is huge. Others ordered Bife de chorizo which is like a New York Strip. Jugoso if you like medium rare, which is not always normal here. If you don´t specify you´ll get well done for sure. Luz who is in charge of activites handed out sheets with the list of activites for the month, and a few sheets with information about travel options made their way around the table too. Red wine was of course passed around as well and the room was filled with almost 30 Roadies getting to know eachother. Good food, great company, can´t wait for next month!