This past Sunday we went as a group to the Feria de Mataderos. Mataderos is a suburb in the western part of Buenos Aires and gets its name because this area used to be a major livestock market (ie where they killed the cows that provide all the meat people here love to eat!)
Now there is an authentic celebration of gaucho traditions, food, music and games every weekend in this area. The streets were filled with stands selling regional crafts, clothing, and most importantly FOOD! After watching a sortija (gaucho game on horses where they try to stick a pencil type object through a tiny ring while riding a horse full speed…very impressive) we headed towards the comida regional. Many went straight for a choripan (chorizo or sausage and bread, like a hotdog but way better), and others tried something new that we sometimes can´t get in the city of BA. There was locro (hearty stew from the northwest), empanadas, humitas (sweet cornmeal wrapped in a husk), chipas (bread balls with cheese), and for dessert all the pastelitos we could dream of. Pastelitos seemed to be the most popular food item with lines of people waiting, and different kinds to choose from. Pastelitos are like sweet empanadas with filling like jelly or dulce de leche on the inside. I suggest a pastelito con membrillo. Muyyyy rico!! The dancing was incredible too. Being in Buenos Aires, we are used to constantly seeing or hearing about the beautiful and strict Tango, but Sunday at the feria we were able to see the more traditional country dancing of Argentina. Oh and there were llamas walking around too! If you have a free weekend while here, this is definitely something you should see and experience!