Last night we hosted a dinner for the current Roadies at Las Cholas, a restaurant located in the chic neighborhood of Las Cañitas. We had a great turnout with about 18 people total at the dinner. The restaurant had a great ambiance—the entire dining room area was candle lit and it seemed that every few minutes or so the porteños around us would burst into song while they celebrated the birthdays of loved ones. Once our entire group had arrived (some showed up fashionably late…), we began the dinner with a glass of fine Argentine malbec. As for food, some ordered the incredible Argentine beef, while others to my surprise went the road less traveled in Argentina and tried some fish, which ended up being amazing. After finishing our brownie sundaes, some of us continued on to a stylish bar called Soul Café, which had the most mesmerizing Quilmes sign this blogger has ever seen.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and some commented that the Las Cholas served up one of the best meals that they had eaten in Buenos Aires. Another successful Road dinner in the books!