Activity 1: Plaza de Mayo
Date & Time: Thursday, 7th – 5 p.m.
We are going to spotlight this visit in two main proposes.
The first one, the historical importance of the Square. Here was founded the city and started its development. The main institutions always surrounded it and nowadays it’s a very good example of the eclectic architecture of the city of Buenos Aires, as a reflect of our history and our culture influences.
The second is its symbolic importance. Squares are typical layout in Hispanics cities in Latin America which since the beginning they meant the meeting point for everything. Markets were here for daily life and when they wanted to meet for different proposes, i.e. the Revolution of Independence in 1810, political acts, demonstrations, social movements (Madres de Plaza de Mayo today), celebrations, etc.

Activity 2: Mataderos Fair
Date & time : Saturday, 9th –6 p.m.
They have a handcraft market (it’s highly recommendable if you have to buy presents), another area with stands with traditional Argentinean food (mmmm, a good opportunity to try locro!). There’s a stage with live folklore music and an area with “destrezas criollas” (gaucho’s abilities with horses) and games with horses.

Activity 3: Abasto Neighbourhood – Carlos Gardel Museum
Date & time: Monday, 11st – 5 p.m.
We are going to walk around and talk about the history of this area & tango origins . This is related with tango because Carlos Gardel, the famous tango singer lived here from 1927 to 1933.
He is considered one the pioneer and first ambassador of tango. Finally, we are going to know his house, that nowadays is a museum.

Activity 4: Argentinean Folklore Music Concert
Date & time: Wednesday, 13rd – 8.30 pm
Cardozo – QuinteroThey are a duo instrumental group that renewed the traditional Argentine folklore. Their repertory include from traditional and popular folklore to the newest songs.

Activity 5: Tango Orchestra
Date & time: Wednesday, 20th – 10 p.m.

Activity 6: Puerto Madero cycling
Date & time: Sunday, 24th – 5 pm (to confirm)
The Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve is a green area having unique features located by the River Plate, in the southern corner of the city of Buenos Aires. A few blocks away from the heart of the City and government buildings, the Reserve offers a different promenade where people can come into else contact with wildlife. A great variety of trees, grasses and shrubs typical of the Delta and the coast of the River Plate can be appreciated from the trails. Vast Pampas grasslands add to “aliso de río” and native willow woods. In the riverside small groups of “ceibos”grow from seeds brought in by the water. Reedmace and reeds act as a background for ponds where a varied fauna lives. Bird species typical of the Pampas wetlands prevail. Other zoological species are present, though not so easily seen: several fish species many amphibians and reptiles, some mammal, countless insects and other invertebrates that can be found in the water, among the plants, or when crossing trails.

Hope to see you all there!