If you feel like you’ve put on a few pounds from all the great food rich in carbs (warm bread, pizza, pasta) and asados or you miss your workout routine from back home, have no fear as all is not lost.

There are tons of activities and sports in Buenos Aires to keep fit:


Zumba Classes zumba

Zumba is becoming more and more popular in Buenos Aires and is a really upbeat dance sty
le to burn calories. Here’s a link to a website giving some information of classes in the Belgrano area.


La Viruta open tango classes: Armenia 1366 

If you want to try out some traditional Argentine culture and practice dancing you can kill two birds with one stone. La Viruta is fun to learn the moves to dance the Tango. Go alone or with a friend. If you go alone be prepared to be paired up with someone else.



Go rollerblading around Puerto Madero or the Bosques de Palermo. In Palermo you can rent the rollerblades and see people doing tricks and even join in if you’re up to it! roller


Run with the porteños around the Lago de Regatas in Palermo and along the Avenida Libertador. As well as being one of the loveliest parts of the city, there are plenty of outdoor workout devices to use!

Free Yoga in the Park 

Every month people get together to participate at free yoga in the park in Buenos Aires.

Taking football to kick around in the park is also a great idea. If you make friends with a group of guys in Argentina, it won’t be long before they want to organise to go and play football in the park in Buenos Aires.


There are plenty of gyms all over the city within all the price ranges. The simplest gyms can charge $250 a month up to the biggest and most extensive charging $1000 or slightly more.

The most well known chains with everything from gym, classes and swimming pool include SportsClub and Megatlon. Megatlon is the most expensive but very common amongst the expats in the city.





Yoga is becoming ever more popular in Buenos Aires and there are many people giving Yoga classes in English in Buenos Aires. One place to try out could be Buena Onda Yoga.

A final piece of advice would be to check out groups and pages on Facebook of people organising