Yesterday Road had an activity at the Museo de Arte Decorativo. I wish I would have taken pictures because this place was incredible. An old mansion from the beginning of the 20th century converted into a museum in 1998. Nowadays their Art Collection of paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture, and gold and silver items are part of the Decorative Museum. This house is an example of the urbanization movement at the late XIX Century in the city of Buenos Aires. It´s located in Palermo Chico which is one of the neighbourhoods that broke with the urban Spanish grid and took the latest styles of the main metropolis, taking gardens, plazas and curves streets. Most of the residences here were mansions, palaces and petit hotels. Nowadays, some of them are Embassies and Museums. We visited this mansion as an example of a house of this important movement that change the architecture of the city. When then walked around the block nearby and saw other mansions like it from the outside. It was a great experience to see one from the inside, because it´s breathtaking how in such a huge house only 4 people lived, only half the year, and with over 20 servants.