Fancy a day trip out of the city? Road2Argentina intern Sophie is here to tell you about a couple of the best options.

Buenos Aires is an action-packed city which never sleeps, so you are never short of things to do. However, if you fancy a day’s break from the big city lifestyle, here are two places that we at Road2Argentina suggest you get out and explore.

Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia, a small beach town in Uruguay, is a tourist hot spot. Also, being so close to Buenos Aires it is perfect for a day trip, despite in fact being in a different country! It is the oldest town in Uruguay and full of history. It’s a quaint, picturesque town with fascinating colonial architecture. The best way to explore the history of the city is by foot, strolling along the cobbled streets and visiting the museums. You can buy a single ticket for UR$50 which covers admission to Colonia’s seven most major historical sites. However, if you fancy seeing this town from a different angle, then hire a scooter for the day and whiz around the almost deserted coastal and country roads.  There is also a great beach just a 15 minute scooter ride from the centre called Playa Ferrando which is well worth a visit. So, if you’re looking for a great place to relax for a day or two away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Colonia has a lot to offer.

For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to come to Tigre with us in March, we definitely recommend you make the trip. It’s just a short train ride away andis perfect for a relaxing day out wandering by the river. Be sure to take a boat down the delta Paraná, where you get the opportunity to hop off and explore some of the nature trails or relax in a delicious riverside restaurant. There is also a great craft fair, the Puerto de Frutos, where you can buy a wide variety of handmade wooden items. It’s open everyday, but the weekends are the best. Tigre even has something to offer those of you who need a bit more thrill – its own amusement park, Parque de la Costa!